Subscribe to calendars

This site automatically creates a whole series of calendars for UK orienteering events grouped together by level, region and club. Each calendar is made available as an iCAL file that you can subscribe to. Once you have subscribed to calendars they are updated each week from the British Orienteering official fixtures list. You do not have to do anything to keep them up-to-date. The system extracts info for the next two years.

In the lists below you will find examples of the web address (url) of each of the available iCAL files, for example

It is this web address that you provide to your calendar application such as Outlook or Google, when you set up your subscription. Instructions for subscribing to a calendar using Google Calendar is available here.

All the filenames are in the same format. They all start with and end with .ics

Each calendar name then takes two parts separated by an underscore. The first part is the level, the second part is the area – UK, region or club. This page contains some examples. There are about 350 separate calendars so we haven’t listed them all. Once you know the format you can construct the web address yourself:

I want a calendar that shows all Level C events in the SCOA region. The web address is:

UK Wide Calendars

These calendars show all the registered events at each level:

UK Level A:
UK Level B:
UK Level C:
UK Level D:

Regional Calendars

Every region has four calendars, one for each level of event. Examples are:

SOA  Level A:
EMOA Level B:
SEOA Level C:
NIOA Level D:

Club Calendars

Every club has up to five calendars, one for each level of event and one that shows all the club registered events and activities. Examples are:

BKO  Level A:
CHIG Level B:
CLOK Level C:
SROC Level D:
SOC All events and activities:




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