Printing maps from Routegadget

Extracted from a topic on nopesport:

How to access a RouteGadget map image file

Load up RouteGadget for the event from which you want to extract the map file. View the source code of the RouteGadget page, and locate the line that reads:

where X is some smallish integer. Make a note of the value of X.

Now, the RouteGadget page you are viewing will probably have a URL along the lines of:

Relative to that, the map image file will normally be located at:

where X is the X you noted down earlier. The file extension is .jpg even when the map isn’t actually a jpeg.

So what if the route gadget url is like:

How then would you append kartat/X.jpg in the right place in the URL?

It could depend on the routegadget installation, but for kartat is a 1st level directory so

would work for example.

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