3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO!

Here we go with our new Twitter service formally launching this evening just in time for the 2015 UK orienteering year.

We’ll be auto-magically tweeting reminders and planners:

  • Reminders for all Level A and B events at four weeks, one week and one day before the event;
  • Reminders for all closing dates three days and one day before the date;
  • Each morning a list of all UK events taking place that day;
  • Each Sunday a list of all UK events taking place in the upcoming week.

All these posts will have the hashtag #orienteering.

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I like this!

A map of all UK postboxes with their codes – useful for Street O events:


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Get that stuff on Twitter!

We now have some automated Twitter feeds that extract UK orienteering event information and post them to the @oeventsUK feed:

  • Notification of upcoming Level A, B and C events.
  • Notification of online entry closing dates.
  • A weekly digest of the upcoming events, for Levels A, B and C
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Printing maps from Routegadget

Extracted from a topic on nopesport:

How to access a RouteGadget map image file

Load up RouteGadget for the event from which you want to extract the map file. View the source code of the RouteGadget page, and locate the line that reads:

where X is some smallish integer. Make a note of the value of X.

Now, the RouteGadget page you are viewing will probably have a URL along the lines of:


Relative to that, the map image file will normally be located at:


where X is the X you noted down earlier. The file extension is .jpg even when the map isn’t actually a jpeg.

So what if the route gadget url is like:


How then would you append kartat/X.jpg in the right place in the URL?

It could depend on the routegadget installation, but for routegadget.co.uk kartat is a 1st level directory so


would work for example.

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Poster for Live Results Service


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Developing a live results service

Over the past few weeks I have been developing a live results service. The original concept was to create a local WiFi hotspot that competitors could connect to using their own smartphones. The standard page would display the top three results in each class (or course) with a More… link to display the whole class.

Development moved in various directions. At SOC we are using Michael Napier’s software, Colour, for our Level D and C events. The live results service now had additional screens to extract out some information that was not so easy to get to in Colour:

  • A list of those still to download including Emit card number and hire indicator;
  • A page to indicate the number of maps left;
  • Participation figures broken down into BOF friendly sub-totals.

Recently EMIT UK asked if I could run live results at the forthcoming Harvester Relays. This generated a new phase of development. Firstly I had to link the software with the Etiming data format, then also to work out how to display team information. That phase of development is now complete and my fingers are firmly crossed for a successful run-out this weekend.

The plan is to project constantly updating live standings at the event centre and to upload to http://oevents.info/live at ten minute intervals.

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Compass Sport Cup Rules – 2013


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How to use version 2 and 3 EMIT cards

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Map symbols and Control Descriptions

Simon at maprunner.co.uk has produced handy guides showing orienteering map symbols and IOF control descriptions. Why not print them out and keep them in your kit bag?


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